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新成立的综合科学系的课程, 数学, 和技术帮助学生发展逻辑思维,以了解他们周围的世界. 课程以培养学生的思维能力和解决问题的能力为中心.

These three discip行, like any art form, are each comprised of a coherent and precise language, with its own logic, 规则, and beauty. Through carefully tailored and differentiated curriculum, Academy students are inspired, challenged, and encouraged, regardless of ability, to obtain excellence and satisfaction in their work. 这些课程强调有纪律的实验,鼓励智力冒险和创造力. 

数学课程范围从代数到BC微积分,有许多AP和荣誉课程. 每个学生毕业时至少要修一门生物、化学和物理课程. There are also a variety of science and technology electives. 这三个学科之间的合作为学生提供了一个凝聚力, 持续的教育,允许深入和丰富的跨学科经验.

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